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Employee appreciation event  9/2021

Thanks Aaron, you were quite the popular destination at the event! Everyone had a great time 😊

Thomas Merrill | Commercial Loan Officer

Testimonials Cont'd

Michele Brenton Felton

I have one of Aaron's Caricatures of my husband & I, we absolutely love it! Aaron did such an Amazing job! It is now framed & hangs on our bedroom wall. I smile every day when I see it. So if you ever need a wedding gift, this would be a perfect gift for a bride & groom! It would also make a perfect anniversary gift, birthday gift , and would be the best Mother's Day gift for any mom's or grandma's in your life! Aaron has great talent, he is by far the greatest Caricature Artist I have ever seen. I highly recommend anyone else who has one of his creations!

*Aaron can do live Caricature drawings at any event you plan!

Katheryn Weide

Aaron always captures his client's essence, whether a two legged person or a four legged furry friend with authenticity and creativity! 

Lisa Simpson

We had a birthday party for my brother with a hundred guests last summer. Aaron was the star of the party as everyone is still talking about how great he was!

Highly recommended for any party you may have!  

Gina Eckhart

We chose Aaron to do caricatures at our office Thanksgiving event. He was the highlight of the party as everyone loved the entertainment he provided with his great talent!

Rachel Edmundson - Office Admin. 

Very happy we chose Aaron for our Christmas Holiday office event this year! he captured everyone and they laughed the whole afternoon at their awesome pictures! Very recommended!

Gayle Robins- Event Coordinator

We have Aaron back every year to the Christmas event in Detroit for the Detroit sports teams and their families. He is very professional and talented.  

Debbie St.Amand

Aaron was the focus of our fund raising event for cancer survivors. He drew the families in groups and everyone loved his caricatures! Highly recommended!

Chris Salevaria 

I own a business in San Francisco with a growing staff regularly. We have Aaron's drawing framed of every new employee we hire doing their favorite hobby.

Our front lobby has over thirty framed caricatures on our reception lobby wall. Everyone loves the perk and the customers love to see the art as well.

Aaron is a great talent! 

Johnathan Lennox 

Aaron was the highlight at my son's graduation party! Everybody has a blast with his great talent and humor! We'll have him back for my next two daughters events too! 

Tony Mitchel

I order a great caricature of my regular group of card players. We have it framed in our rec room and always laugh as he captured everyone's personality. Great fun!

The whole group want's to get drawings done of their family too! Five Stars!